RF Energy training session

In close cooperation with Techwatch, IMPI offers a pre-conference training course on Wednesday 27 November. This training is open to both Benelux RF Conference attendees and non-attendees interested in gaining additional hands-on knowledge about high power, RF energy systems and components. Topics will cover RF basics and safety up to instrumentation, relevant semiconductor technologies, a deep dive into amplifiers and system aspects. See below for more details. These courses will be presented by the RF Energy section of IMPI and take place at the Novio Tech Campus Nijmegen.

Price (excl. VAT)

€ 275 – for RF energy advanced course
€ 400 – for RF energy advanced course in combination with entrance to the Benelux RF Conference on 28 November

Half-day Advanced RF Energy workshop 

The workshop should be problem-driven, which are put forward prior to the course by the later participants. Other than that, we will discuss:

  • Solid state RF Energy Systems
    – Amplifiers
        ○ # of stages, gain, efficiency, power, bandwidth
        ○ technologies (LDMOS, GaN, Vdmos, laminates)
        ○ thermals + management
        ○ weak spots / safe operating area
  • Architecture
    – single vs. multi-channel feed
    – coherent vs. incoherent excitation
    – power combining
  • Design flow: product / process / applicator / RF frequency choice / EM simulations
    – dielectric heating vs frequency; load dependence (shape, weight, permittivity, position, …)
    – applicator; modes, types, homogeneity, electromagnetic energy distribution, number of sources, …


  • IMPI


Wednesday 27 November 13:00 – 17:00 hours.
Attendees can also join dinner at the end of the day.


> Engineers
> Technical managers
> Product developers