Student Design Competition

To give upcoming engineering talents a taste of the RF practice, this year’s Benelux RF Conference, for the first time, features the Student Design Competition. Organized by Ampleon, the “Class-F Termination Network Design” contest has as its main target the design and realization of a so-called Class-F type termination network for high-power RF amplifiers. The competition is open to all students in Europe. The winner will receive a 500 euro cash prize, sponsored by the IEEE.

To reduce power dissipation on the transistor and to improve efficiency, overlap between current and voltage waves should be prevented at the current source plane. Therefore, waveform shaping at the drain or collector plane is an essential requirement for high-power amplifiers. There are several methods to manipulate the current and voltage waveforms. Class-F type is one of the most popular and well-known termination structures that can provide proper current and voltage wave shaping by using the harmonics.

The contest competitors will design and fabricate a termination network by considering a low insertion loss at the operation band, short termination at the 2nd harmonic frequency and open termination at the 3rd harmonic frequency. Although students are free to use any topology and material, they need to meet a given set of specifications. The winner will be the network that demonstrates the widest operation bandwidth. In case of a tie, the lowest insertion loss will be the winner.

A representative of the design team must be present at the competition day on 28 November 2019. Measurements will be open to all conference participants.

How to participate

1. Request the entry form (by e-mailing Ampleon’s  Lazaro Marco-Platon)
2. Submit the entry form before 15 November 2019 (a confirmation notice will be sent)
3. Students are encouraged to ask for clarification and recommendations
4. Submit a brief report including simulations, layout and measurements before the competition final on 28 November 2019
5. The selected projects will receive an acceptance notice to attend the final on 28 November 2019

Competition rules and specs

Participants in the Student Design Competition are required to follow the contest’s rules.